Logistics Training

We offer a comprehensive driver recruitment service. We regularly have positions available across the UK. We can also fill any vacancy you may have.

Forklift & Warehouse Operative Training

We can train or recap your employees with our high quality forklift and warehouse operative training.

Our Courses

Driver CPC

Comprehensive Driver CPC (The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) and Driver Assessments.

Driver Assessments

The driver will receive coaching based on observations. At the end of the assessment we provide you a written report for your records.

Lorry Driver Development

Learning about Fuel Efficient Driving, Defensive Driving, Slow Speed Manoeuvring among other things.

Lorry Mounted Lift Truck

Our training is certified & accredited by the Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB)

Fork Lift Training

Get the training from qualified trainers which will help reduce the likelihood of accidents and improve the safety of both drivers & pedestrians.


Hydraulic Lorry Loader (HIAB)

We deliver training on all models on site or at our base using Job Role Solutions fully equipped training vehicles.

Logistics Training

Whilst we have generic courses, from our experience of working with countless companies, we know that everyone is different. There isn’t a “one course fits all.” Each company has different needs and we know that. We make sure that our training is always relevant, engaging and meaningful to your business and business goals.

Industry Training

It may be that you have problems with operating procedures and are required to brief out a number of SSOW/SOP’s to drivers or there may be issues with their driving standard or legal compliance. Whatever the challenge, we have the expertise to help.

HGV / Lorry Training

As well as Driver CPC (The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) and Driver Assessments we offer a full driver training program which includes: Lorry Driver Development & Driving Assessments

Forklift & Equipment

We also offer training for a range of equipment including: Lorry Mounted Lift Truck Training, Hydraulic Lorry Loader Training & Fork Lift Training.

These are only some of the courses that we have available which we can deliver on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

Get in touch with us today to find out more and see how we can help. For more details about our courses please contact us

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Courses available at your location & our training centre.


Industry Standards

All trainees trained to industry standards.


Bespoke Courses

Tailored made courses available.

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