Our Recruitment Services

Advertised Online

We advertise all vacancies well across a range of job boards & platforms.


CV Screening

We can carefully check each CV and put forward the applicants that meet your criteria.

Meet Your Targets

We are happy to meet the criteria and targets you require and desire for your vacancy.


Find The Right Person

We will help you find the right employee for your vacancy and criteria.

Our Recruitment Experience

Our Parent company, Selor Transport LTD, is a leading, established logistics company based in Kent. Our team is built from experienced personnel who have worked over the years’ with Selor Transport, providing valuable experience when it comes to logistics recruitment and training. Job Role Solutions was founded to share this experience and knowledge and help other companies across the UK with their recruitment and training requirements.

The Search Begins...

Our team can work to your criteria and targets and help you find the perfect person for the role you require filling. We offer CV screening where we can go through all submitted CVs finding the right people who match your standards. We also offer telephone interviews, in which we will ask all the relevant questions required for your advertised job role.

Dedicated Recruitment Support

Our team will provide you with dedicated recruitment support throughout the recruitment process. We can screen applicants CVs, put forward applicants that match your requirements, arrange and conduct telephone interviews on your behalf and much more. Our team are ready to help you with any single or multiple vacancies you may have.

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UK Coverage

We advertise your job in the locations you require. We have experienced applicants from all over the UK. We have a network of localised and national based job boards which allow us to successfully advertise for any vacancy in the UK.

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Contact us today and take that one step closer to filling your vacancy.

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